Deadline for Resubmitting Unpaid NTS Invoices Nearing

Approximately one year ago, SDDC Regional Storage Management Offices had requested Non Temporary Storage (NTS) providers supply them with a list of unpaid manual invoices in an effort to resolve the past due payment issue affecting invoices that were due prior to the implementation of the electronic invoicing process through Syncada.  Upon reviewing the lists of past due NTS invoices it was determined that not only was the review of thousands of shipments a very time consuming process, but a…Read more

Invoices Moving into DPS Again

Last week we alerted readers to a delay in invoices transmitting from the Third Party Payment System (TPPS), Syncada into DPS for approval. We received word at that time that the technical issue had been resolved, but yet we still did not see the invoices moving into DPS as we had hoped to. Through continued efforts of the DPS PMO, the technical issue was resolved earlier this week and the nod was given to resend invoices from Syncada to DPS…Read more

Fuel Surcharge for Period 12/15/14 to 1/14/15

The price of fuel was $3.61 per gallon as reported on Monday, December 1, 2014 making the upcoming FSC rates for the period 12/15/14 through 1/14/15 as follows: GBL Domestic HHG / International HHG – 9%
GSA Domestic HHG – $0.61
GSA International HHG and BAG – $0.61…Read more

Invoice Transmissions Slowed from TPPS to DPS

Mid-week last week we noticed a large number of DP3 invoices submitted November 18th and after were in the TPPS, Syncada, but were not in DPS. In communications with Syncada and the DPS PMO, we learned that for a part of the week, DPS was not accepting invoices from Syncada due to a technical issue. We received word that the issue was resolved late last week and invoice files were again transmitting from Syncada to DPS. With the large backlog…Read more

Daycos November 2014 Newsletter

The Daycos November Monthly Newsletter has been sent out, and can be viewed here.  A few of the topics in this month’s newsletter include:
  • Daycos Receives Recognition
  • Streamline Invoicing Using Accubill 2.0
  • Meet the DOD Audit Team
  • Deadline for Resubmitting Unpaid NTS Invoices Nearing
  • Reweighs and Notices of Overcharge
If you did not receive an email with this month’s newsletter, but would like to receive it directly each month, please feel free to subscribe here: Daycos Newsletter.……Read more

Daycos Closed for Thanksgiving

The Daycos office will be closed on Thursday, November 27th for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Please note that our office will be open on Friday, November 28th from 8:00am to 2:00pm CST, with normal office hours to resume on Monday, December 1st. We thank you for your business and hope that you have a fun and safe holiday!…Read more

Reweighs and Notices of Overcharge

Lower reweighs.  The perfect opportunity for a potential Notice of Overcharge (NOC).  GSA post-audits has access to the wealth of information available in DPS to do a thorough review much sooner than manual document requests allowed for in the past.  Over the past year and a half, GSA has taken a quicker look at shipments when a lower reweigh occurs.  This new approach does not always give the TSP time to generate an invoice to refund overpayments in good faith…Read more

Fuel Surcharge for Period 11/15/14 to 12/14/14

The price of fuel was $3.62 per gallon as reported on Monday, November 3, 2014 making the upcoming FSC rates for the period 11/15/14 through 12/14/14 as follows:
GBL Domestic HHG / International HHG & UB – 9% GSA Domestic HHG – $0.62 GSA International HHG and BAG – $0.62
Read more

Scheduled DPS Outage Had Minimal Effect on Invoicing

As recently noted on our blog, DPS was unavailable last week from mid-day Thursday, October 16th until Sunday evening, October 19th.  There was initial concern with the short notice and timing of this scheduled outage during the later phase of the peak billing season based on past experiences.  Since Monday morning, we have been monitoring invoices moving into and out of DPS to verify that the system was back up and running and transmissions and other invoicing functionalities were working…Read more

Scheduled DPS Outage

On Tuesday of this week, SDDC sent out notice that DPS will be unavailable from 1:00 PM CDT on Thursday the 16th until 9:00 PM CDT on Sunday the 19th for a scheduled outage. While notice was provided two days in advance of the outage, the timing for DPS to be unavailable for an extended amount of time certainly is not optimal.  October is traditionally one of the busiest billing months of the year, and so far this month, 2014…Read more